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Who are we? How can I get my free PSN codes?

We are a one of a kind company that provides you with PSN codes at no cost!

Now you're probably wondering how you can get your PSN codes! Don't worry it's an extremely easy process! The first step is to choose which PSN card you would like. The three options are listed above: $10, $20, and $50! Once you've selected your code, you will be redirected to another page. Select an available code from this page and you should see a popup appear. Click on of the survveys on this popup and follow the instructions on the page. Once you've done that you will be presented with a brand new, working free PSN code!

What can I do with a PSN code?

The possibilities are limitless when you have a PlayStation Network code! You can use them to purchase games, TV shows, movies, downloadable content and much more!

How do I redeem the PSN code?

To redeem your PSN code on a computer, go to Sony's website and login to your account. You should see a button on the page labeled "Redeem Prepaid Card", click on it and enter the PSN code you received then press the "Redeem" button! The PSN code value will be added to your account! Enjoy your free PSN code!
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